Coyote Canyon French Bulldogs

"Happiness comes with a puppy"

We do offer shipping via-ground (if possible) and via-airlines from our airport to an airport nearest you; only under favorable conditions!  Puppies will need to be picked up 30 minutes after arrival. Puppies will not be shipped until 9/10 weeks old. The buyer assumes all costs and liability related to the shipping of the puppy. We will arrange for the transportation and delivery to the airport and the flight. All puppies are sent with food and water to carry them through transport. (Note: In the summer months due to heat restrictions, airlines will not allow animal travel.)  

The new owners cost for airfare, flight insurance, shipping crate and health/acclimation certificate for a small puppy is $320.00-$375.00 at this time, this may change due to increase of airfare cost. We only charge the exact cost of shipping your puppy, we do not add any extra fees. We will not ship outside of the United States.  The kennel is yours to keep; it does come in handy for trips to the veterinarian and also kennel training your puppy.

Before you choose one of our puppies/adults, please be sure the closest Major Airport handles live animals. Otherwise be prepared to drive the distance to the next closest Major Airport to you that does take live animals. One the day your puppy is due, please arrive a  early. You can pick up your puppy as early as 30 minutes after the flight arrives.

Here's another wonderful option I'd like to mention. Check with your airport about a round trip ticket and fly with your puppy, the puppy will be in its crate as your carry on bag. This can be price comparable to your puppy flying alone, if you check around the different airlines.