Coyote Canyon French Bulldogs

"Happiness comes with a puppy"

Why do French Bulldog Cost so much?

French Bulldog's do cost a little more then an average pup.  Let's look at what goes into producing a French Bulldog puppy...

When a French Bulldog fits the breed standard, the female usually requires to be artificially inseminated in order to produce a litter. 
Since we are unable to tell  when our female is ready to breed, she needs to be tested by the veterinarian.   Usually you will need to have at least 3-5 progesterone test preformed in order to know the exact day she ovulates.  The cost of 3 progesterone test and insemination is approximately $1000

French Bulldogs requires cesarean delivery preformed by a veterinarian, due to the the overly large heads of the puppies. Delivery cost are $1100-$1800 depending on the schedule of the veterinarian and if the delivery is after hours or not.

The average size of a French Bulldog litter is usually 2-3 puppies, with the mortality rate of at least 1.  It is not uncommon for puppies to die in the uterus before delivery.  Some puppies  are born with cleft palates and are needed to be put down or they die very shortly after for no apparent reason.

Stud fees run anywhere from $850- $1200 for an AKC male.