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Quotes Hello, was just checking up on the website and noticed testimonials were added! I am so delighted to send an update on Fiona (Gemma), she just turned three and is absolutely wonderful. We recently had another child and she has taken to him as if he was her own! She is the sweetest dog I have ever known. Great, sweet, playful, and just a little silly : ) Our family is very lucky to have her, and we owe a huge thank you to your family!!! We couldn't even imagine our lives without her!!! Quotes
Matt, Justina, & kids
Fiona update

Quotes Hi guys. Just wanted to give you an update on Lily Sue. Today is her first birthday! We will be sending pics of her birthday party soon. She is around 80# now and is the most healthy, loving, obedient and disciplined dog we've ever had and are very blessed to have her in our lives. We know she will be a great "big" sister to our son who we're expecting here in a couple months, as she LOVES children! I feel confident in saying that there will always be an American Bulldog in our home. The new pups look great! If we had the room, we'd probably be bringing another AB home from you folks. Eric and Beth Quotes
Eric and Beth
Update on Lily Sue...American Bulldog

Quotes Hi guys! I just wanted to send you a couple pics of known as Boomer. He is such an amazing boy! He has gone to work with me everyday since he came home and really enjoys showing the newbies in beginner class how its done,lol. We will be moving from Illinois to Texas at the end of May and our new home will be on a lake. We went down to spend some time there in March and he LOVED it! His best buddy is a 2 yr old dobe named Shylock and they are inseparable..where one is the other is shortly following. I just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful family member, we couldn't have asked for a better dog!!! Amy Quotes
Apache update